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Mr. Binh Huy Nguyen

Chairman of Technimex JSC.

Mr. Binh has over 30 years of experience leading Technimex as CEO and later Chairman. Under his leadership, Technimex is transformed into one of the top 3 largest tech importer of Vietnam with over 35 years of experience in this market, with many multi-millions USD projects in medical fields, industrial, science, R&D, oil filtration. Technimex has been involved in many national level projects such as Vietnam Metrology Institute, Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (top 3 largest telecom carrier in Vietnam), Yaly Hydroelectric Plant, Dung Quat Refinery (the 1st oil refinery plant in Vietnam), flight control system for Hanoi only international Airport. Technimex is also a strategic partner of Edenchain in Vietnam.